We've all been there. There's a change we need or want to make but we don't really no where or how to start. We need someone to help sort out options and get a plan to help us to move forward.

Even when motivation is high and the rewards are significant, sustainable change is hard. Especially without support and a partner to share the journey with you.

Support and partnership is what

Pivot Integrative Health offers.


and Pivot

We bring the chance to pause and pivot. Together we get you ready to make the change you want in a supportive, nonjudgmental and confidential environment. Whereas the expert on your life, you are always in charge and your coach is the navigator for your journey.


Are you ready for your journey?

At Pivot Integrative Health, our joy comes from seeing our clients maximize their health and vitality. Are you interested in partnering with someone who can join your journey and help you achieve your health goals?


We know you have enough pressures in your life, so we offer a free, no obligation 15 minute call. Our health coaches are always ready and looking forward to hearing from you!

"I have known Susan and worked with her in other fields. She has an impressive background in education and a passion for learning and exploring new horizons. Susan had compassion for people and sincerely wants  to make their lives better. She is eager to help anyone explore new challenges in their lives, feel better about themselves, set new goals, and move forward in a positive endeavor. I highly recommend Susan as a specialist and knowledgeable person you will feel comfortable with. She gets a five star rating from me."


Kaye Z., Peoria, AZ

Calm Woman